Surgical robots?

This seems like an idea out of science fiction – amazing to think it’s becoming fact.

The next generation of surgeons will be robots – and the bad news is they’re shaped like snakes and will crawl inside you | Mail Online.


The iPad generation

I’ve seen a lot of teachers arguing about the relative merits of ipads in the classroom.  The thing that concerns me most is managing a class set, with updates and saving work etc.

The iPad generation: Pupils as young as four taught lessons with a touchscreen | Mail Online.

How quickly things change!

“The system now reaches over 50,000 participants at over two thousand sites in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea.
“Science fiction writers like Orson Scott Card, William Gibson, and Norman Spinrad, among many others, have speculated about the possibilities of a time when government, commerce and culture are all conducted on “the net” and when most citizens will have access to the system. That day is not yet here.”
Henry Jenkins, 1989, writing about USENET, the community on the internet before the Web itself was created.

Is the day here now?  For many people, I believe it is.


3D printing

Another example of how the line between creators and users is blurring rapidly.

3D printing gets social: New Cubify printer allows you to create, upload and SELL your own inventions | Mail Online.