Processing – another resource

I’d never heard of Processing until a few days ago, and then I came across three mentions of it in less than 12 hours, and that sort of coincidence is what makes me take interest.

circles drawn with Processing

Circles drawn with processing

Processing is a language tailored towards graphic programs, and that’s really all I know about it so far, apart from it being what Tom Scott uses, so it must be fairly useful and versatile.  I’ve now downloaded and installed it and written my first program, which displays circles under the mouse as it moves – black if the mouse button is pressed and white otherwise.

processing editor

Processing editor

I’ll be exploring Processing more over the coming days and weeks, and seeing just what it is capable of and what it’s like to learn. My first reaction was that the editor looks very like the Arduino code editor, and like in arduino coding, the programs are called sketches (on the Processing website, they’re referred to as sister projects).  The code is typed into the main area of the screen, while messages are displayed at the bottom.

Processing will run on all the major platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac, and it’s quick and easy to export the completed program either as an applet to be embedded in a web page or as a stand-alone application for any of the platforms.  The language looks straightforward so far, and the editor uses colour coding and indenting to make structure clear.



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