Using my skills

It strikes me that on the one hand the way to get better at anything is to practise, and on the other hand there’s little point in having a skill if you’re not going to use it.

So I hereby vow that I’ll be looking for ways to use my ICT and programming skills to develop resources and show what can be done.

I have made an animation about the intranet/extranet/internet, and I use extended facilities in our school Moodle system wherever I can.  I’ve also made screen capture videos explaining how to do various things related to games creation and web design (I like your videos Miss but I have to keep watching them over and over and keep stopping them! Me: that’s the point of them).  Now it’s time to step up and really start seeking out ways to use and develop my skills and resources.

One thing that I intend to do is to create a seat planning tool.  In my classroom I’m lucky enough to have computers round the edge of the room plus tables in the main area, so each seating plan I create has to have two related spaces for each child – I try to keep the place at the table related to the position of the computer they use.  So a plan where I drag a name to a place at the tables and their computer place is automatically labelled too would be useful.

There are many topics where detailed written, well laid out step by step instructions would go well side-by-side with tutorial videos, so students can choose their preferred way of working.

I’m sure there are many topics suited to a multimedia, multi-pathway approach of presentation (yes, the dreaded OCR Nat unit 4, but in something other than a simple powerpoint, hopefully!).

I’m also sure that there are many other possibilities I haven’t even thought of yet.

Getting the students used to seeing high quality resources and knowing they were created by someone they know should be a good step towards inspiring them to see what can be done and that the gulf between creators and users doesn’t have to be as massive as it is currently.

Any other suggestions for projects more than welcome!



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