About this site

This site started just as a place for me to store links to interesting articles.  The kids I work with have grown up with computers all around them: they don’t notice the impact that ICT has on their lives, and they don’t notice the rate of change because they’re in the middle of it.  I can take the longer view, so I look out for news stories about new or interesting uses of technology and use this site as a collecting place for them.

Then just as we got to the end of the summer term, someone on an educational forum posted a link to a video about social media, and how powerful it has become so very quickly, and one thing led onto another as I discovered a world of experts who could do wonderful things with technology.

Only something strange happened.  It turned out that they were experts purely because they set out to learn things for themselves rather than being formally taught, and I began to realise more and more that my excuses for not doing more technical things were just that: excuses.  It was time to go out and do something about it, and actually learn for myself again.

And so we reach the summer holidays.  I already had a raspberry pi, and thanks to Tom Scott and Matt Gray, among others, I was beginning to see that programming and electronics could be combined in amazing ways, so I ordered an Arduino.  And now I intend to use the summer to try out both these gadgets, learn more about hardware and software and generally have fun and brush up on multimedia skills in the process.  Don’t expect anything too technical here, what you will see is a relative beginner fumbling through taking the steps through theory to practical work and having fun along the way.

So who am I doing it for?  Myself, in the first instance, a chance to exercise my creativity, my (semi-)technical writing, my multimedia skills and my brain.  It may turn out to be useful for school, or even for other educators, or others who want to learn, but at the moment, I’m just intending to enjoy the ride.


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