Online learning – MOOCs

There are many ways to learn: attend college or university, try to teach yourself from a book or videos, and now a new way – MOOCs – massive open online courses.  These are very new to the scene, but many of the big universities are quickly picking up on the idea.   I’m currently enrolled in courses from two different providers, Udacity and Coursera.  Both provide their learning through videos and online questions with instant feedback, plus quizzes or other work to be completed independently and assessed (assessment is done either automatically or via peer assessment).

Udacity offers, among others,  CS101 introduction to computer science,  which is a basic introduction to programming via Python.  This course not only offers a good grounding in programming, but also does it via building a search engine, thus showing some of the secrets behind google; one of the first tasks you do is build your own web crawler to collect links.

Coursera offers Internet history, security and technology, which shows how computing and the internet developed and some of the issues involved, a course which requires no technical skills and is recommended for anyone who uses the internet regularly.

I do recommend you check these out: each course has thousands of students from around the world enrolled and learning, and the forums tend to be very supportive places.  If you keep up and complete the materials by the deadlines a certificate is usually offered, which is good to show what you have done but probably holds no actual merit; the main benefit is in the learning itself.

There are examples on the websites of students who have gained jobs following their studies and some impressive projects that students have built, and udacity is starting to offer formal tests of their learning in the on-line learning centres around the world.

One word of warning though: they do involve proper learning, and you will get the best out of them if you take them seriously and set aside time each week to work through the materials and attempt the tasks.