More on robot surgeons

The idea of a robot operating is terrifying – until you read that the robot is less likely to have a shaky hand and are really making operations far more accurate and successful.  With a real live surgeon in control at all times, of course.

Rise of Robodoc: They can operate on everything from your heart to creaky knees – but would you put your life into the hands of a robot surgeon? | Mail Online.



Another step towards Star Trek’s Data?

Eerie to see.  Reminds me of my project to create a virtual pet.  Why do we see a difference between loving a real living animal and one that’s made out of electronics and programmed?  Will we always see that difference, or will we one day build real relationships with items built from technology?

Rise of the Machines: Meet Bina48, the robot who can tell jokes, recite poetry and mimics mankind with startling ease | Mail Online.

Tracking someone down

After seeing Tom Scott’s video about social media lately, this story immediately caught my attention.  Surprised it didn’t get worse than getting him fired, to be honest.

‘Don’t f**k with people’s food’: Burger King employee who posted pictures of himself standing in bins of lettuce hunted down by vigilante website users and fired | Mail Online.

Surgical robots?

This seems like an idea out of science fiction – amazing to think it’s becoming fact.

The next generation of surgeons will be robots – and the bad news is they’re shaped like snakes and will crawl inside you | Mail Online.

The iPad generation

I’ve seen a lot of teachers arguing about the relative merits of ipads in the classroom.  The thing that concerns me most is managing a class set, with updates and saving work etc.

The iPad generation: Pupils as young as four taught lessons with a touchscreen | Mail Online.

3D printing

Another example of how the line between creators and users is blurring rapidly.

3D printing gets social: New Cubify printer allows you to create, upload and SELL your own inventions | Mail Online.

Fireman robot

We’ve been looking at how computers can help us in class, including a look at different types of robots.  Have we yet reached the point where they are accepted by the general public, or is there still the perception that they are from science fiction movies and stories only?

Would you want to be saved by THIS? U.S. Navy creates terrifying robot fireman | Mail Online.